Monday, April 28, 2008

April showers

Spring is finally, happily in the air. I am finished school. Oh, I have signed up for a few projects this summer already - how could I just walk away from such a long educational career? Not possible! But my exams are written, my papers submitted, my textbooks ready for re-sale at the book co-op. I thought I would feel celebratory, but I mostly feel TIRED. I suppose I should not be surprised. I do feel my creativity buzzing though, I am thinking about coming back here to write... thinking about starting a blog just for photos/art work... thinking about writing project(s)... thinking about painting.... thinking about re-decorating the apartment.... and then I think about taking a nap. Today I got none of the things accomplished that I set out to, but I did take some rainy-day photos that I am pretty happy with. I am going to start putting them here for now, and see how that goes. It feels more fun than flickr.