Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Andie-Lou Who

Dear friend: June was heavy.
So here's to a feather-light July, full of fun and whimsy. ♥

How to make a flickr mosaic.

Flickr search terms: "Andie" "Awesome" "Friend" "Fun"

Photo credits:
1. (middle) "A is for Awesome" by Paul Thurlby
2. (upper left) "Who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure" by Michelle in Ireland
3. (moving clockwise) "For Andie" by mainemoma {kristin}
4. "Awesome" by ozczecho
5. "My Friend" by treehugger007
6. "Awesome British Wellies" by amber {in the shadow of za'ha'dum}
7. "Andie up close" by dog ma
8. "A world of friends" by Pink Sherbet Photography
9. "Time for fun" by Mine Beyaz
10. "Silly Fun" by the cat & the exercise bike
11. "Caps-Lock is FULL OF AWESOME!!1! " by catcubed
12. "I'm awesome" by Warm 'n Fuzzy
13. "Catch the rainbow" by andie.smith

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