Thursday, July 22, 2010


photo by: Cameron Wellock (see below)

Posts I've been meaning to write (and may eventually get to):
~ Pretty things (ex: mom's lovely handmade necklaces, some thrifted books, my owl ring)
A little round-up of all the new tv shows I'm currently devouring, when no more homework can be wrested from my brain (namely: Being Human, Glee and Huge)
~ Bits of summer: recipes, pictures, stories
~ Book reviews and recommendations (in the meantime, I've been posting the reviews I'm writing for class to my goodreads account )

Other stuff trotting around my head:
* Birthday wishes for a certain bosom chum (I'm totally sending you imaginary strawberry shortcake)
* Finding gorgeous things to look at online, mainly through blogs and flickr (perfect examples: see photos I've included in this post)
* I haven't taken a photo in... hrm. A long time. Should really dust off the camera and point it at something.
* Somehow all the wildflowers this year are purple - are they always this pretty? I first noticed them on a drive to Toronto a few weeks back, lots of blue-mauves and buttery yellows against a soft green backdrop of summer grass. Almost makes up for the Heat Waves. Almost.
* Shiatsu. I'm thinking it's time to book a massage during my week of vacation. 
* Speaking of which - yoga. Better reaquaint myself with my mat. 
* Hyperbole and a half. My new favourite website. Actually, not that new. But still a favourite. I recently made it through the archives, and I think this is the best one. But really, it's all pretty wonderful.  
* British Country Living magaizine. Why is it still June on the newsstands?  
* The arrival of another bosom chum, who is moving to my fair city. Hurray! Huzzah! I'm so looking forward to hanging out and seeing Montréal through her eyes. But we shall not stop our pen-palling! Oh no, snail-mail will still criss & cross.
* And speaking of snails:          -------------@=<:

Photo credits: The pretty Patio Lanterns at the top are from my flickr favourites, by Cameron Wellock (aka cwxyz75); The lovely turquoise lanterns are by Jeanine Caron of Wonderings and Wanderings; the soft evening with twinkle lights (bottom) are by Brian Ferry of The Blue Hour; the cover of Nocturnes was found at

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