Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Enemy Wears Yellow

What a magnificent grump I've been of late. 
As one of my good friends pointed out this morning, I've been a bit distant lately. I know I have, it seems to be an inevitability of mine. Sometimes I flow and sometimes, like now, I ebb. I hole up in my shell. I like being tucked away in here, it's quiet and I can think. The only company I seem to crave is Stephen Fry on ye olde ipod. He reads and I slip through the bricks into Diagon Alley. 

One reason for this habit of mine is that I have reverse SAD. Actually, really, it's regular SAD, it's just that I pass most sufferers going in the opposite direction. Summer finds me clumsy with heat stroke while the onset of winter sets my heart ablaze. Whatever else I am, I am certainly a champion hibernator. Despite my urban postal code I act like a country wife of yore and stoke up the oven, kneading and mixing, baking and roasting. I walk around in a haze of cooking smells, wiping away steam from the windows to peer out at the snow. It's wonderful. 

But not in summer. In summer I swelter and slump. I scowl and bite. There's no denying that it brings out the worst in me. 

By the time the copper tones of August slide down the seasonal horizon I am often in a state of nervous exhaustion. So very ready for the leaves to turn, for the advent of frost and apple picking and pumpkins on doorsteps. Temperatures drop from the 30s to the teens and I rejoice, reaching enthusiastically (if prematurely) for scarves and mitts and warm things to drink. 

But then: enter ragweed. 

Just as I start to feel the relief of Fall, just as my eyes shine in anticipation of the wonderfulness that is BackToSchool-Thanksgiving-Halloween-Christmas-NewYearsEve-MyBirthday I am struck back, my (red) eyes now shining with tears. I am reduced to a sneezing mess with an itchy palate. 
What a kick in the teeth allergy season is. I'm not complaining, not really (yes I am). This is still my favourite time of year. This pencil case toting, molasses flavoured month is lovely. But could someone, for the love of kleenex, please do something about the ragweed? 


  1. My Goddess you are an amazing writer! What talent - ho! (I'm trying to join you in "Yore.")

    Have you asked your doc about allergy shots? I've had great success!

  2. I agree - spectacular writer! Why aren't you writing a book? I would read it late into the night, giving up sleep to see where the story went. I love your "turns of phrase"

  3. This is a lovely entry! I get the love of fall...even if I am a hot-weather person! We'll trade grouchings in winter--I'll be complaining that I haven't been warm since August!

  4. Such nice comments!

    Andie - Huzzah! Thank you! Well, I don't have a doc, but I could go to a drop in clinic. Shots? No, I've never heard of those. I was thinking of looking into the spray since it's more localized and doesn't turn me into a ZOMBIE. Thanks for the idea though, I'll check it out.

    Anon - What lovely things to say, thank you so much. I just wish I knew who was being so kind to me!

    Alissa! - Don't think for a moment that my love of the advent of winter precludes me from being a grouch come February. I definitely plan to be grouchy with you this winter : )