Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I love the way taking out of focus pictures makes them look like polaroids. Or at least it does to my eyes. 


  1. Gorgeous! There's a story in those. :-)
    Hope you're keeping well and staying warm.
    Kat x

  2. Hi Kat! Well, if feasting on apple pie for breakfast counts as keeping well and staying warm then I'm doing great! ; )
    I really enjoyed travelling to NYC vicariously through you... what a trip!

  3. These photos made me realize that if I were painting these scapes, it would be easier to start with one out of focus to get the basic swatches of colors, then sharpen up the images little by little to bring in the details (though isn't that what artists do without having to take out-of-focus photos?) :-). To take a highly detailed photo and try to paint it is overwhelming--that's why I thought this was a good idea, to break it down.... :-)

  4. Those images are dreamy...Thanks for this sweet post...Made me so happy:)
    Wish you a great Sunday, hope its relaxing

  5. i love the colors and softness in these photos, really beautiful. i miss fall in the north very much, these made me feel all nostalgic.

  6. Jeannie - That's a really good idea, I'd never thought of that. I do sometimes try to paint (or draw) from photos and it's true that all the detail can be overwhelming. I'll have to try going from one of these instead.

    Diana - Thank you!

    Kitchu - I have to say we're really getting spoiled this year in Montreal, it's been a long and gorgeous autumn so far (I'm in no hurry for winter to start!).