Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When it's cold outside, stay in and (window) shop

Jenna Rose Handmade, Gray Ships Tea Towel and large Ships Zipper Tote Bag
I'm pretty smitten. And she's in Hamilton! One of my old hometowns. It IS my birthday this month...

Flying Bird Botanicals, Vanilla Rose Cacao Lip Bliss
Oh my. Yes please!

OhKuol - Natural Soft Druzy Necklace Agate Geode

Bug Under Glass - all so pretty

Karla Wheeler Design, Fireworks ring
Labradorite rings. I can't get enough of these! I love that they are cut
to sparkle too, I haven't seen (ie noticed) that before.
Top: Indigo Silver Studio, Midnight - Dark and Flashy
Middle: MoodiChic, Rustic Sterling Labradorite Ring
Bottom: Little Bug Jewelry, Labradorite Solitaire Stacking Ring
Anna See, Barn Owl Lino Cut Print
Plume Natural Perfumes - especially interested in Medici Cocoa,
Gingerbread & Fir, and Coffee & Cedar. This Vanilla/Anise lip balm looks nice too. 

Jennifer Baughan, Articulated Paper Dolls 
Woodstorming, Crochet Snowflakes Decoration
Revisions, Antique Silver Spoon Ring - Meadowbrook 1936
Lolide, Fingerless Gloves - extra long
MaryJill, Valentine Foxes


  1. think you need to go for the spoon ring and vanilla cocoa lip balm - the ring has a paintbrush on it and you ARE an artist!!

    1. Hi mom : )
      (Well... I may have gone for the perfume samples and their vanilla/anise lip balm this time, but there is sure to be a next time)

  2. i hate to think what i would look like in fingerless they look good on her!