Monday, April 30, 2007

April 18th 2007

I think my all time favorite season is autumn, but I have also always loved winter. Even the grey rainy winters of my west coast home were lovely to me. I am a total book worm (I haven't heard that term in a long time! I wonder why? Bibliophile seems to be used more now, which sounds dirty or snobby and doesn't conjure images of baby insects tunneling through ancient texts in endless dusty libraries. Such a shame.) and so wet, cloudy days make for great stay-inside-and-read days. However. Then I moved to Montreal. The land of winter.
It is April 18 and yesterday there was still snow on the ground. Not just the stubborn snow banks that will not melt until summer hits full force, but rather little pactches of slushy snow/ice from the flurries we had just days ago!!! This is totally bizare for me! In BC the cherry blossoms would be out now, as well as flowers and baby grass, greenery all over the place. Since I am someone who so enjoys the darker days of autumn and winter, I find it strage to discover this new sun-loving side of myself. Maybe it is also a reflection of me becoming a more balanced person, loving not just the melancholy rain which is wonderful for creative introspective pursuits, but now also life-giving sunshine which will help my tomato plants grow. I am something of a dabbler in paganism (neo-paganism or nature-spirituality or whatever the non-denominational version of nature based religion is) and so I observed the spring equinox as it came and went way back in March. It didn't seem to mean much back when the weather was still so grim. Even yesterday was dreary and sad. Today though the sun is peeking through the wool up there and a little colour has come back to the city. The air is still cool and I like this. Summer will come soon enough with it humidity and sweat (and the jazz festival!), but today is completely spring. Gorgeous.

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