Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am my body

This is my new mantra. I realize that for some people (and probably for me sometimes) the opposite mantra would be more appropriate. After all, we are constantly being bombarded with screaming messages and cruel whisperings about our physical selves, insisting we twist to look twice, thrice in the mirror before leaving the house. Telling us how short we fall from the ideal. However, I spend so much time out of my body that I really need to remind myself that this is in fact my home, my temple, me. This is such a strange life. Beautiful and terrible and mysterious. I am a creature of blood and bone and thought. I forget all the time that I have a body. That I am a body. I spend a lot of time judging my dear little body, as if it is something I can assess in the fitting room mirror and then put back on the rack. How weird it is to think like that, how disconnected I am from my hips and fingers and toes! Every single bit of me is connected. It is all ME. My thoughts don't just happen in empty space. They are swimming in hormones and electricity and synaptic dances! They live in my knees, my eyes, my underarms. They travel all through this universe of ME and dwell in my secret cells.
I was reading Kris Carr's blog tonight and she said: Your body IS a temple and your mouth is the ALTAR. That turned my mind upside down for a minute. Every morsel I eat is an offering to the gods who are ME. What a thought!

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