Friday, October 19, 2007

Golden Delicious

Mount Royal Park, Montreal
Photo by Yves Marcoux; taken from Getty Images

This is what it looks like outside the office window from work today (well, only sort of – I don’t work in the park unfortunately, but there is a church across the street from me, with nice tree-lined grounds so it is still very picturesque). The tree I can see most clearly is amber from tip to tip. Every now and then the wind ruffles it and a handful of leaves detach themselves and dance away.
I am also thinking about the Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens and making a mental note not to miss it. So far I have always managed to forget about it until it is past, but I adore lanterns and being in a garden full of them is just so much magic. This year I really want to go. Lanterns really seem to capture a feeling of other-worldly-ness, or past-worldly-ness. Also, they make me think of Illuminaries, at home in Vancouver (which is a wildly fun pagan romp in a faerie-light filled park on trout lake) and how every summer I wish I was there making my own little light-carrier to add to the parade. The Montreal festival looks a little tamer (I don't think there are stilt-walkers and fire-eaters and live bands, although I could be wrong) but I am sure it will still be lovely to look at.

The magic of lanterns

Photo from 2003 Montreal Lantern Festival taken from this person's site (thank you!)

The bottom two photos are from Illuminaries, taken from this site (thank you!)

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