Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas wish*list

In the midst of my week of craziness I received some good news... it seems that my student loan woes have FINALLY been sorted (only 5 days before the end of the semester... lol). Gigantic *S*I*G*H* of relief... Thank you money-gods!

It put me in such a buoyant cheer-full mood that I decided to daydream about stacks of brightly coloured packages sitting in jumbles under a fir tree strung up with lights and twirly decorations, cheerful santas and dancing snowmen.

So just in case you were wondering, here is my "little" wish list : )

* Little Dee volume 2

* Anything from Treehouse28... especially this and these!

* This sequel.

* Any old digital camera would do...

* A bucket full of acrylic paints... (I have a few new canvases that are mocking me with their blank-ness).

* Anything from this fabulous company (especially body butter!), this Lush place, this local place or this man called Burt.

* Yoga blocks and straps.

* Good enough to eat lip balm from this place my mom told me about mmmmm coconut cream...

* Candles of any kind, as long as they are made of bee's wax.

* This cookbook.

* A coupon for some kind of day at the spa or massage.

* Funky handmade jewelry, especially necklaces or rings and especially the super juicy magical jewelry over at Superhero Designs ... I like champagne the best, but it is pretty darn hard to decide. They look good in photos but I bet they are even more twinkly and pretty in person.

* A print from this photographer, especially this one and this one. Gorgeous, lovely, soft.

* Some big blank scrapbooks with lush purple or green covers for journaling and creative spilling.

* Pottery... chunky mugs and tea pots with swirly blue*green*purple*chocolate coloured glazes.

* Unexpected hand*made artwork from kindred spirits.

*Throw pillows or curtains or bed covers made from jewel-bright fabrics, sewn-on beads and bits of thread.
What do YOU want for Christmas*Yule*Solstice???

*Photos: Plate of cookies and "dear santa letter" from Getty; Little Dee cover from Chris Baldwin; Champagne necklace from Andrea Sher; and gift of giving lady-package from Patience Brewster.

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  1. yay! you're plugging a good friend of mine!!!! sus is awesome, i expect you know her blog. ... just checked your roll, yep, you do.

    beer would be good. and i can set you up with some beeswax candles if you like.