Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello, I have a blog

I kind of forgot.

But now it's spring, and I'm feeling inspired again.

So, I thought I would share a lucky find from some second-hand book shop purchases a little while ago. Masquerade by Kit Williams (who is also known for making curious clocks). I got it for the gorgeous art work, but I was delighted to discover that it was also involved in a secret treasure hunt and.... a scandal!

Besides... who wouldn't want to read a storybook written by this scruffy gentleman:

A few images from the book (taken from this lovely spot):

The book was meant to be a riddle, and if you could figure out the clues it would lead to buried treasure. The treasure was actually a beautiful filagree piece of jewelry made by the author, and hidden somewhere in England. And therein lies the scandal!

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  1. Neat, a book AND a treasure map, AND BUNNIES! I like this guy already. That and the fact that he looks like my dad in the 70's.