Monday, June 22, 2009

Reading rainbow

Don't you love that feeling you get when you begin to trust a book?

I just started reading Ms. Hempel Chronicles by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum on my lunch break today. I chose it, as I often do (tsk tsk), for the cover. And because I just finished a longish book, which took me quite a while to get through, and this one is slim so will take much less time. I am a slow, but greedy reader. I like long books, when they are good, because you get to feel as if the story will never end. As if you can stay with that world for a very long time. This is a big advantage with a good series also. However, I like short books because they let me get on to the next thing, and the next, much sooner.

Anytime I delve into a new author I start off feeling a little trepidacious, a little skeptical. I have fallen for lovely covers before, only to be sorely disappointed in the actual book. It takes more than a few pages for a stranger to transform into a new best-loved author (ahem, Lori Lansens) but what does happen in just a few pages (or in some rare cases just a few words) is that you begin to trust the author. You begin to accept that, yes, this is a story that you want to hear. You ask, what comes next?

Which doesn't sound like much, but actually, is everything.

So far, so good.

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