Friday, June 12, 2009

Season of the Snail

I don't know anything about this book, but what an intriguing title!

Um... who doesn't want a Cranky Snail Skirt?

Season of the Friendly Snail, here. (Google image search).

Hedgehog riding a snail... from my favourite, the Black Apple.

Snail tape dispenser Made By Humans.
I have this in yellow/orange... but dang, the green/blue is cute too!

This is called "Diver Sprout", by Scott Campbell, the same talented guy who did those extra neat cut-away illustrations from a few posts ago.

A snail-ish mascot, found here.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: (almost) too pretty to eat! Look at those littly feet! The green swirly icing! The fur on the caterpillar's back! Quite sweet.

Found at Cake Wrecks (this was obviously not considered a "wreck"), originated at CocoCakeCupcakes. Check out her other work too, there is a Where the Wild Things Are cake, and some crazy cute Miyazaki-themed cupcakes!

Ickle and Lardee's grand adventure (meeting with a snail).


  1. I know! I love it too. I really like a lot of his work.

  2. Just Awesome!

    thanks for the snail they are very cute, especially liked the snail tape dispenser.

  3. Hi! Yes, I am a fan of the snail. Slap a shell on a slug, and suddenly: CUTE!

  4. there's this fancy furniture in l.a. and they have a huge clear, honey-colored snail lamp! i don't think i would get it (not that i could afford it) but it's kinda cool!