Saturday, May 5, 2007

A hive for the honeybee

This post is for Nicole for her Honeycomb blog and of course anyone else who likes honey and/or great children's literature.

I found this magic little book at the library and was drawn to it because of the art work by
Patience Brewster , which I have often liked. The story is lovely and sad and quite clever. It is a story about the lives of honeybees (one in particular) done with an anthropomorphic kind of narrative but also (from what I can tell with my admitedly limited knowledge of the life cycles of bees) with a large dose of real bee life woven into it.

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  1. thank you!! this is so sweet (no pun intended). i love bees so much--they are facinating creatures. have you read the secret life of bees? it inspired me to become a beekeeper. i'm looking into that whole process...
    i will totally look into this book--it looks great!