Thursday, October 29, 2009

My book of shadows (but not really)

Ever since I saw Practical Magic (and probably before), with that strange and lovely book of shadows, I've wanted one of my own.

(Screenshot of the Amas Veritas website - if you liked the look and feel of that movie you should browse this website, they have lots of photos. Practical Magic is not exactly my favourite movie but there is something about the style, especially of the Owens house that appeals.)

Apparently I am not so shaddowy though because the book I ended up creating has none of the dark spells and instead has lots of recipes (and the food splotches to go with them). In the end it's really just a recipe scrapbook. I've got it divided up into sections based on the time of year (the old pagan wheel - which I can't say I observe any more than to simply notice them come and go, and maybe use it as an excuse to make something seasonal and tasty). And so I thought, as it is nearing All Hallow's Eve, that I would share a few pages from that section in the book. It still has some blank spots left, which I would be happy to fill with any autumnal recipes anyone wants to share!
(I have blank spots in other seasons too, so it doesn't have to be fall-ish)





(I sometimes cut things out of magazines or other sources... not that I keep track of where they come from. So.. er... I don't take credit for anything in the book not hand-drawn, other than as a collage-ist)


  1. so this is what you do instead of homework. hrm.

  2. i LOVE your book - beautiful... thank you for sharing c.reative p. <3

  3. Terry: Yes well. Procrastination is a family trait right? : P
    But really, this book is more the result of midwifery-procrastination than library tech procrastination... I haven't been doing much baking lately.

    Andrea: thanks! oxox