Monday, October 26, 2009

trick 'r treat! And more.

Last week was a bit of a marathon, so when I finally had a day of rest (er, Sunday, as it happens) all I could do was go to the farmers market and oogle the squash (and take a few home), and then collapse on the couch. We watched a good old-fashioned ridiculous Halloween movie and ate take out (no energy to cook up the farmers market fare! Maybe tonight...). The movie was trick 'r treat, which I'd never heard of but stumbled across in my search for something seasonal. It's pretty bad, but in a (mostly) good way. On the plus side it has a couple of familiar faces (Helo! Sookie Stackhouse!) and the set is exactly the kind of thing I love, especially in halloween/holiday movies. Over the top, jack-o-lanterns all over the place, monster costumes, cute little town, cute little houses, tree-lined streets, spooky woods/abandoned quarry/crazy neighbour guy... it has such a perfect not-real movie-land feel. I liked their creepy little evil Halloween spirit. The movie honestly wasn't all that scary; there were a few gory-ish scenes (and I could have done without the tainted-candy scene... blech) but this is definitely horror-light. It's the kind of thing I would watch again, just for the atmosphere (to put on in the background while doing something crafty).

(note: Neat! They are going to make/have made it into a comic book.)

Anyway, it did help me to hop into the Halloween spirit. And as usual, the next thing I do is go on the hunt for new (to me) seasonal imagery. And as usual, the internet does not disappoint!

A few of my favourite All-Hallows Eve pictures for this year:

Halloween Lanterns by Rare Bird, Julianna

I discovered a folk artist Charles Wysocki:

The Black Squadron

Cave Dwellers

Fork in the Road

The House with Seven Gables

Sweetheart Hotel

And here are a few older (to me) favourites:

A couple from David T Wenzel

And the Witches Light by Bill Bell.

Now I am so in the mood to carve pumpkins and eat candy! But alas, back to work.

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