Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peeking out of my hobbit-hole

It's boring for me to complain (again) about the amout of work I'm doing for school (again). So I won't. But I will share a few pretty pictures that are cheering me up and helping me to remember to appreciate this honey-coloured season before it's gone and the world has turned to frost.

The picnic by Matthew Scott

Safe in the Burrow by Sally Elford

Owl by David Wenzel


A selection of autumnal favourites from The Black Apple

I am hopeful that there will be time for visiting the Magic of Lanterns before it ends on November 1st. It seems doubtful given that we are quite booked up with work events, a wedding, a move (not ours!) and of course the schoolwork that plagues me... but maybe there will be an evening that can be stolen for admiring lanterns in an autumn garden.

(poster and image on the bottm from the "la Magie des lanternes" website, image on the bottom belongs to Michel Tremblay)

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