Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nerding out for Fall

Well friends, it's Fall again, and as always I am in love with the season. Actually, truth be told, I am impatient for it to get started. Not sure what's up with the weather here in Montreal but it seems like we've gotten off kilter somehow... it took forever for summer to start (which I was fine with) and now we are still living in summer-land when it should be all golden and autumnal. Sheesh. 
But, even though it remains warm (and even a little humid some days - gross!) my brain has gone all blackberry bushes and acorns. Actually my brain has gone all exhausted and useless! That's right - more schooling for me. All done online this time, which is both wonderful (lots of flexibility) and a huge challenge (discipline? what's that again?). 
ANYWAY. When I am not working or doing homework I am (naturally) searching for lovely fall images online. In doing so I discovered a series of childrens books that I somehow missed when I was little: Brambly Hedge. It is really sweet - and everything I always loved in picture books: a whole warren of tiny houses and rooms inside of trees and hillsides full of mouse-people and mouse-sized furnishings. Oh, the detail! I will certainly be putting a few of these books onto my Christmas list. 


*All images belong to the Brambly Hedge creator - Jill Barklem

**Update to add: When I posted this I had completely forgotten where I originally found this wonderful series. Since then I've rediscovered the source. A little bird told me. 


  1. Haha, I'm with you, I have all these lovely fall outfits I want to wear to school, I find myself cursing the warm weather, then feeling a bit guilty. ;)I want to walk in the park in my cashmere sweater and watch the leaves fall!

  2. Fall clothes are my favourite. I have way more of those than anything else, but it's such a short season here! Even now the temperatures are dropping so low that I have to put away the cute jackets and light sweaters in favour of the heavy winter coats and the thick woolen sweaters. Sigh.