Monday, April 19, 2010

Things to look at when your office has no windows

These are from my "inspiration" files (aka wallpaper files) and some were gathered so far in the dusty past that I (shamefully) don't have any way of tracking where they came from. I still wanted to use them though, for a mosaic with just Spring-y things I already had saved.
(starting top left, with the bright blue room):
1. Not sure, I think it was in a magazine, and found via someone's blog that I don't follow regularly (vague enough?)
2. Mine, from my trip to New York
3. Magnolia Warbler by Ursula Vernon
4. From Getty Images, I think (dusty)
5. (brick & arch) also mine, from New York
6. "Dust and Sunlight" by Rosetta Stantucci, Australian artist that I discovered when Design*Sponge featured her gorgeous home
7.  (lanterns in night garden) No idea who took it... I think it was on the Real Simple website
8. Summer Reading by Matte Stephens
9. Photo and wallpaper created by Susannah Conway (I hope it's ok that I threw it in there!)
10. Also found on Susannah Conway's site, but it came from the November 2009 issue of UK Vogue, photograph by Hugh Stewart
11. Birds on a Berry Tree (detail) by Naoko Stoop, via her Etsy shop
12. Plum Blossoms by Hadly Hutton, via her Etsy shop
13. (big one, in center) mine, from last spring

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  1. this is gorgeous... like one of those puzzles you move the pieces around on to form a coherent picture

    but no need to move the pieces this time - it's just right!