Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday's child is full of woe

Yesterday was one of THOSE days.

Wednesday sucked because:

- Actually started the night before, when I read a beautiful but HEARTBREAKING book, which ....
- Lead to a sleepless, tearful night
- Making the alarm (aka foghorn) sound far too early
- No time, no yogurt, no energy for breakfast (which is unusual because breakfast is normally lovely)
- Trudging through slushy snow (in April, thank you Montreal) to the bus
- Sleepyness meant very tiny attention span at work, which meant a day full of distractions and mistakes and needing to re-do things
- A lunch-time stroll resulted in being attacked by a hidden mudpuddle (cobblestones hide these things)
- The tea I was craving was not to be found in any of the dépaneurs or épiceries near work even though I swear I saw it just last week
- Medicinal application of chocolate only gave me a bellyache

Cloudberry ~ from wikipedia

Looking on the bright side:

+ There were homemade muffins (banana, oatmeal & raspberry)
+ Someone handsome picked me up from work
+ I found a different kind of tea to try (which will evidently bring me 100 husbands)

Rubus chamaemorus, also from wikipedia


  1. omg, what a day! Right down to "The Chocolate Method" backfiring! Glad to hear things got a little better, and that there were muffins, and a handsome manne! :)

  2. : ) Yeah, by the time I wrote this it wasn't a bad day anymore. But sometimes it is so tempting to through a full-blown 5 year old tantrum.