Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Window shopping

Imagine if etsy were an actual, physical marketplace... imagine the booths and little shops people would have. It would be the loveliest labyrinth ever. 
Lucky for us, it is online so anyone can visit, anytime. And visit I do. Often. 
In fact, that's what mom and I did for Mother's Day! Ok, Mother's Day Eve (poor mom... she worked on MD). Don't worry, I sent the requisite chocolate but as we are thousands of kilometers apart a little etsy window-shopping over the phone was nearly as good as getting together for coffee and cupcakes. 

By the end of the day we had seen many, many treasures and my list of favourite items grew by several sizes. 

In the spirit of daydream shopping, here are a few of my faves:

(Click to see all the lovely details)

Stores shown in mosaic
(all photos are from the shops)
Top row:
Raincloud necklace by lulubug jewelry
Giant Squid by Dan Bob Thompson
Acorn earrings by Karmelidesigns
Second row:
Patterned Bird pin by Yael Fran 
Winter Observer cut paper by Rural Pearl
Pearl ring by Lucky Duct
Balalaika by The Hermitage
Third row:
Worlds Away terrarium kit by Augury
Feeding Birds by Matte Stephens
Mermaids by Stasia Burrington
Plan B painted moleskin by goshdarnknit (holy cute name!)
Fourth row:
"My Captain... we've reached the end of the world" by Hide n Seek
Birdalope by Geninne
Stick Hair original drawing also by Stasia Burrington (the original is no longer for sale - because I bought it! I couldn't resist, and can't wait til it gets here)
Swallow Twigs handmade necklace also by Karmelidesigns
Fifth row:
Royal Purple (!) Art Nouveau scarf by The Creative Caravan
Wise as an Owl ring by Sora Designs (he's already gone, not to me sadly, but isn't he cool?)
The Flight of Emphrey by Mademoiselle G
The Barnacle Whale by Native Vermont Studio
Bottom row:
Owl sweater clip by Owl Child
Ça va? cards by Two Guitars
OctoOwl tote bag by Deadworry
The Red Piano by The Black Apple

PS ~ A while ago my brother pointed me to Regretsy, which is really funny and pretty disturbing.


  1. lucky duct? cute!

    also, super adorable way to feel a bond despite distance.

  2. Happy to meet another Etsy addict. Discovering it has been my downfall! :-) I have never bought anything on eBay tho, have you?
    Was also interested to see the owls featured. My little 'un and I LOVE owls. Maybe it's because of my Greek heritage, goddess of wisdom and all that?

  3. Andie: Lucky duct is a good one too! Lots of cute etsy names. And well, you know it's non-stop adorable around here ; )

    Hi [name that I know but won't say in case you like to be annon. online!] fellow HMW-er! I did buy one thing on ebay, a (rare-ish)gift for my mom, but I had to use someone else's account and stuff because I wasn't really savy. I don't like the auction thing... too nerve-wracking. So etsy is much nicer, but sooooo addictively seductively time-absorbing. Owls! I know, that's a recent thing. Birds in general, actually. I never used to be that into them but lately I love them. I totally buy the goddess of wisdom explanation.