Saturday, August 28, 2010

A lot of walking (and a break for souvlaki)

For a description of where I went last night, visit Alissa's blog here. I wasn't quite as taken with the opening act as she was, but he certainly was ear-catching and an energetic performer. I was taken by Stereo Total. They were a lot of fun.
I spent most of today walking. It was a superb end-of-August day. Warm, but with a chill wind to remind us that apple & pumpkin season is nearly here. 


  1. #2 is my favourite but i love how the last pic ties in with your foreshadowy fun

  2. ooh laa laa!
    your blog makes my insides happy!
    the pretty pictures are so grand!
    how splendid indeed! x x

  3. Comments! Hurrah! I'm sorry I didn't reply to these right away. Slacker that I am.

    Andie - Thanks! Yes, I know, it totally felt like a foreshadow of fall.

    Kimberly June - Thanks for that! I've just recently figured out how to do that... so now I want to do it all the time ; )

    Lauren Carney - Thank you!

  4. pretty. I wish I had a better camera to take pictures on. I have my phone and relentless hope for good lighting.