Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New York City (from June 2008) ~ Part 1

In 2008 I went to NYC with Alissa, and I took twelve million pictures. I've never posted any of them here but since Alissa is back in Montreal this week (for good! or at least for a good long while) I thought I'd travel back in time and revisit our brush with the big apple.


  1. I was there in 2008, may! And I saw that DKNY ad. Not sure if it's a permanent thing.

    Anyway you live in Montreal, that's such a beautiful city! I heard the best things from my brother (he visited last year).

  2. Such beautiful architecture in NY! The last time I was there (it was ages ago) I got engaged so I have only good memories of the city!

  3. @melly - hello! That was my only visit, so I don't know if the ad is permenant or not either. That shot was kind of an accident, but I'm proud of it anyway : )
    I do love Montreal. I get a bit homesick for Vancouver and the west coast of Canada in general, but Montreal is actually a great place to live.

    @caféBellini - Hi, thanks for leaving me a comment! Wow, what a neat memory to have of such an iconic city. It sounds very cinematic!