Monday, August 2, 2010

twinkle, twinkle


  1. i love the theme :D

    it feels to me like taking pictures is more work than writing... but it's very enjoyable as a blog "reader"

  2. I don't think it's less time consuming, but to me it feels like less "work" because I go out and take the pictures (getting off the couch/computer in the process) and then I just upload the photos as is. I don't do any fiddling in photo-editing programs because I am not patient enough with my lack of skills. And it's just so different from all the reading/writing/thinking/typing I do all the rest of the day. People do give you funny looks when you are traipsing around the neighbourhood in the dark, taking photos of people's houses.

    "But look... it's all fuzzy and out of focus... I'm not a creepy peeping tom, I just like the light... I swear!" lol.