Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The universe has been pretty kind to me this week. I don't know if it's because I recently befriended Ganesh or because I had some good karma stored up or simply because the Christmas Spirit is overflowing. Whatever the reason, I am feeling very grateful. For one thing my loans are very nearly completely sorted out and I even got an unexpected bursary. For another, last week I received a Christmas box from home, so full of presents that they barely fit under my (enormous) tree. And the box included a rather hefty bag of what I believe are chocolate truffles - though I have thus far (quite admirably) resisted the temptation to gnaw open the shiny gold package for confirmation. Then yesterday I received another package, this time from my kindred friends Megan and Jason. They have very generously gifted me their digital camera... which is an incredibly thoughtfull and kind thing to do! They are upgrading to a new camera so they decided to pass on their old (not old at all actually) one to me and Adrien. Which means that not only do I now have a digital camera, I have one that is full of the energy and love of my friends. How cool is that?
Unfortunately I am crazy busy this week (week before Christmas... everyone is crazy busy), I'm working all week and doing *stuff* every evening (like writing exams and going to Christmas parties for work) so I will not actually get to play with my new toy until this weekend. But once I do: watch out! There will be photos of Griffin everywhere!
(well, he is the most photogenic subject I know of...)

T h a P1000644 K Y with leaves o U

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